Coronavirus, Vw change the brand to remember ‘stay away’

Volkswagen, through an information campaign that offers a version of the ‘magazine’ of the logo with the two letters spaced out, remind employees and the public on the importance in the emergency coronavirus to adopt the measures required by the scientific world, among which, of course, to maintain the distance between the people, avoiding direct contact. “Governments are trying to reduce the rate of spread of the coronavirus,” he said, the CEO of Volkswagen AG’s Herbert Diess – through measures, sometimes drastic, in order to provide the best health care system possible for the greatest possible number of people. Consequently, the public life and a large part of the commercial activities have stopped in all over the world. Volkswagen will support these measures as possible in order to save the most number of people. This is our first priority”. Diess in the message spread through social reminds us that “most of our factories close for two weeks in these days, in some Regions, for three. But it is probable, says Diess – that the measures will last longer, given that it is unlikely that the spread of the virus can be stopped in a few weeks. So we have to be prepared to live with this threat for a long time.”

Until there are available medications or vaccinations are effective for preventing transmission of the virus and to slow the spread, the indications on the behavior of the individual are the main measures. “I urge you therefore,” said the CEO of Volkswagen AG – to adhere to the advice and guidelines of local governments in a way extremely disciplined. It means be careful, keep your distance, avoid direct contact, do not create situations for possible transmission”.