Porsche: 3D printing for the upholstery of the seats

3D printing is just the latest in a series of production technologies discovered in the last 20 years and, in general, allows you to create objects in a way unprecedented, or “print” as would a real ink-jet printer, only add a layer that develops vertically, creating, in fact, the third dimension. The technologies of three-dimensional printing are countless, but have as a basic principle to be able to carry objects formed layer by layer, mitigating the limits imposed by conventional production processes. A simple example is the realization of a sphere with an internal filling all the available volume with a honeycomb structure, which forms a part of the same block of material. impossible to achieve otherwise, and without interruptions of continuity.

Also Porsche is experimenting with the use of this technology, with a precise aim: to make the inner lining and the side of a sports seat, to give shape and support to the seat and provide different levels of stiffness.

The print in this case creates a cross-linked three-dimensional very light but at the same time very resistant, which allows to reduce the weight and increase general ventilation. In addition, the complex pattern printed is also beautiful to see, and by varying the shades of the material used will it be possible to take advantage of the “sight” of the padding as a real element of decoration.

Currently this solution is under study and the expectations will be fulfilled we will see very soon the first applications on models 718 and 911.