Seat, a 2019 record for the young brand of the group

The 2019 has been a very positive year for the Spanish House belonging to the Volkswagen group, both at the level of commercial, financial, sales reached a peak that never had occurred before, accompanied by higher profits and investments. Also the Seat has the pride of being a brand that appeals a lot to young people, allowing themselves to wear of the recognition of the brand “young” (for the average age of purchase) of the group and gaining market share in its strategic growth in the future.

Already in 2018 Seat he had made record of delivery, given increased in 2019 with the sale of 574.078 vehicles, 10.9% more than in the previous year. This result was achieved thanks mainly to the appeal of the component the suv of the manufacturer, with more than 44% of market share gained from the line Tarraco, Ateca and Arona. However, sedan is the Leon to have made the greatest contribution to the sales, remaining the most popular (almost 152.000 units purchased) by consumers. Also the sports brand Cupra, which has recently become independent, has recorded positive results in the Seat, where sales for this segment increased compared to the previous year of 72%, with 24.662 units sold.