Still change the module, for circular

For WORK OR FOR NECESSITY – For the umpteenth time changes the self-certification form to justify the move personal (and limited) for the containment of the epidemic of coronavirus in our Country. The ministry of the interior has, in fact, put online today in the new text, which you can download through the link below. Remember that the movements must be done only for proven needs, the absolute urgency or necessity in daily life (such as shopping).

FINES – The change to the text was necessary because anyone who is arrested shall declare to be aware of the new bans imposed by government decree to contain the contagion and, above all, to know that the new sanctions include a fine from 400 euros to 3,000 euros to those who do not meet the standards, increased by a third if it is a vehicle. In addition to the risk of being sued if you leave your home after being placed in quarantine because of positive results.