The electric car is recharged from the light poles

POSH QUARTER – access to charging stations in the city is not always simple because of their number, though growing, cannot yet be considered fully satisfactory. In this perspective it is curious, and useful, the project developed jointly by Siemens and by Ubitricity, with the support of the city council of Westminster, who converted 24 lamps positioned in London, along the Sutherland Avenieu in charging points compatible with the standard Type 2, with a power from 3 to 22 kW (dc).

A VIA ELECTRIC – The project, which started a few months ago, has the goal of creating a “electric” (Electric Avenue W9), providing for, within the summer, the preparation in the roads adjacent to the other 33 tie. The city council of Westminster currently has more columns than any other local authority in the United Kingdom, with a total of 296 charging points, 24 of which are located on the Electric Avenue W9.

GROWTH FORECASTS – The new initiative follows research conducted by Siemens where it emerges that over a third (36%) of motorists british has planned the purchase of a hybrid vehicle or electric as your next car, with two in five people (40%) who claim that the lack of charging points represents a big problem for the dissemination of this type of cars.The transformation of Sutherland Avenue, using the existing infrastructure for the creation of charging points, should be enough to ensure “full” to the eight thousand electric vehicles provided in the city council of Westminster by the year 2025.