The FCA After the virus, the Lancia Delta PHEV: back to the past, the key is electrified

But after the drama of the world Covid-19, which new cars we will see? If it lasts a long time, some of the new ones only yesterday, will already be less interesting even before trying them well. Those super innovative think for the future, will be too expensive. While some forty-year-olds, if reinvented in the correct way and “measured”… Here, then, in these images of pure render, a potential Lancia Delta, which returns. A style change, just a little, to be nice most of the time.

The FCA now has more to think about, but to think ahead are also used concrete projects and a few variables are uncertain in addition to the already incertissimo trend of the market. Then the fan clamors thinking platform dedicated to the races by the group, including PSA, of course, to share the cost (what you are married to do it?). The platform that you spend not only for the Peugeot or the Citroen Rally. It is certain, the great potential of the Lancia brand. The uncertain financial part, especially today, but if FCA is not alone, fantasizing a bit… Here are the render images suitable, to a new Lancia Delta with two doors to the sides and the approval to run the Rally, real.

After the Yaris, Fiesta, and Polo… it’s up to PSA with FCA

Lines arci notes with bevels and curves that are consistent to the times of today, without distorting. It would be a success to passion, regardless of color. If they are good accounts in the FCA, including the crisis in social, economic, and health care, those guys who loved the old Delta and can afford today, a potential heir, not wait for a long time, especially if it is in bad version and not very comfortable compared to many SUVS.

Then all that remains is to wait forthe decisions of the councils of the joint, as soon as they have finished cut off as excess after the spread of the Covid-19. Commenting on the wheel arches, upright, mini-skirts or the wing of these designs that open to the imagination, no count, unfortunately, the hard phase industrial or financial. The second they read something here and on the other, if you want, we also talk about it in these weeks, while our direct social, in which you can participate in.