Video-direct… our first meeting theme: Dakar and its surroundings

Well found. Indeed, well-found, I would say! Here we are in the splendour video of the 70mm in the first, historic video chat between you, that you are accustomed to, and to me, that’s not it I would like to know, under the protective wing of our Publications. This is the first time, clumsy and awkward like a child accompanied by her grandmother to audition with the great director for a role from the pop-up to the last row of the terracotta army animated. Yet, interested, curious.

This is the first time, and had to be even a direct. An arena or a door-to-door in our way, the way of the and’s stunning.

Instead, if the bastard forces us locked in the house, and to this eager to attend the only bridge that enters my, and your, and keeps us in the connection even more direct, the ADSL connection and poor phone signal continue to force me to the edge. To me, a small tuscan village, but not at the top of an isolated mountain, to be clear, the connection is nominal, this might be called AiDSL and traveling at the blinding speed of the fax. Yes, for those that even know that is existed, the facsimile was that a revolutionary machine that took the geological eras to transmit pages and images to the definition of a sketch.

So, no broadband, nothing direct. But not give up. We have done so. The editors have collected together your questions, me the past and I have mounted the… cinema, the video, which ye now see and that very early and on demand ever be available on DVD and Blu-Ray, of course after the period of exclusive Netflix.


So, seriously, have pity on me.

The theme chosen for break the ice (but the others are just waiting to be suggested by you) is Dakar. Dakar, Rally-Raid and the surrounding area.

The questions that I have made are, briefly, the following:

– The Dakar was the most exciting “a time” or retains its charm over the years?

– Do you have a edition of the Dakar favorite?

– A Dakar less beautiful than the other?

– After what happened this year, many say that the Dakar is still too dangerous: what do you think? (question more listed! )

– That impression you did of Fernando Alonso?

– There will be problems with the next edition of the Dakar due to the coronavirus?

– where would you like to see or a review of the Dakar?

– What do you expect from the next edition? Alonso will race again? Sainz is favourite in the next few years?

– What do you think is the most exciting? Cars, motorbikes, quads, SxS, trucks

– Toby Price will come back to win? Am a fan of his!

But also:

– How did you become a journalist? From where comes your passion?

– What is the most difficult thing about your job?

– What do you try to follow a Dakar live?

Thanks a lot for the attention