Coronavirus: the Premier League as the club world,the races in July

(X-Sport) – LONDON, MAR 30 – The Premier League may
become a club world cup, with 20 teams isolated
in retreat for six weeks, and matches played behind closed doors,
every three days between June and July, in a limited number of
stages. This is the last proposal of the English companies for
bring to an end the current season, which will not restart –
according to the latest provisions of the English Football association – before
of April 30. The idea – taken from the Independent newspaper – is
to confine the teams, organizing the long retreats in resort
blocks. From which players, technical staff and executives
they would come out only on the occasion of the games, so as to minimise
the risk of infection.
Not only the Football association, but also the club and the players want to
to conclude the season – playing if necessary, in July
– to minimize the negative economic impact. All of the 92
meetings, which still remain to play, would be passed in
television, probably in the clear: a decision that would
recorded the consent of the government, especially if the
lockdown may be extended for several months. The same
restrictive measures – in the plan of the Premier – would be extended
also to the referees, cameramen and television technicians, or
all persons involved in the organization of the individual
games, after being tested to the coronavirus.
If the proposal of Premier seems to be gathering more and more
consents remain in perplexity in the moral order, from the time that
football is certainly not – not in these times –
“an essential activity”. And as noted by someone, if a
player suffers a serious injury, would be borne by the system
health care, taking doctors and nurses right in the middle of
a public health emergency at the national level. (X-Sports).