Detroit 2020 cancelled due to the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus also stopped at the Detroit auto show: the edition 2020 of the event in the united states, scheduled in June, will not be disputed, thus ending up having the same fate as the Geneva motor show, cancelled at the last minute a month ago. Detroit-for the 2020 had changed location, moving from January to June to avoid the proximity of the CES in Las Vegas, more and more popular by the car manufacturers to present new technology.

The organizers of the Detroit auto show, however, were forced to cancel because of the pandemic of COVID-19, that is touching deeply the United States, now officially the country with the highest number of people infected in the world. The state of Michigan, where Detroit has been hit hard by the COVID-19, with about 4,600 cases reported so far and 111 deaths; it is the third state most affected by the virus in the USA.

The cancellation of the Detroit auto show, has been willing not only to prevent the further spread of infection by creating gatherings of people, but also because the TCF Center, the place where it is organized the event, will be used as a field hospital interim to address the emergency COVID-19. For the Detroit auto show, the event is directly forwarded to 2021, from 11 to 26 June, with a series of events organized in the city.