The Batmobile really does exist! But was seized…

Superheroes, we all know that (unfortunately) do not exist. But the means of combat with which they were made action films, however, are realities indeed: in fact, the streets of Moscow has been spotted in the legendary Batmobile with which the man pistrello has faced lots of adventures. At the wheel of the vetturà, however, there was a 32-year-old Russian.

The criminal and anti-crime

The battle against the crime of this young enthusiast, however, lasted very little. Unfortunately, it is passed exactly under the eyes of a police patrol that stopped and fined for driving a vehicle not authorized to operate and without registration. And it is not finished here: the Batmobile, with a length of 6 m and a width of 3.5 m, with a value of around 800,000 euros, was seized; as stated by the spokesman of the ministry of the interior Vladimir Vasenin: “The forces of law and order have prevented a car made with an assemblage improvised and out of each and every rule and turned the streets open to traffic”.

La Batmobile sequestrata a Mosca è quella vera!

The Batmobile seized in Moscow is the real one!