Video Interview. Lucio De Mori: “New formulas, and awareness”

Belluno-Italy-Pisa, March 29. Lucio De Mori, Belluno, 1950, is a great expert in engines of war. I met him at the Dakar, a few years ago, was Inspector of the FIA, we became and remained friends. Then we met again in the Rally, is Race Director of the Rally Italia Sardinia, and I hope before crossing the 1000Miglia, which is also the “director” of sports. I esteem it very much, not only for the experience but for a kind of wisdom that goes beyond, has always gone beyond the purely technical, or regulate of his work.

For this reason, in a particularly delicate moment in which we are all in search of the things of always, unfortunately, without any experience or proven method to find, the opinion of a wise man is something that is worth double. Applies to the “material” specification, all of these Races and Championships, that they slip inexorably towards the second half of the year, a is to filter the projection of a general attitude for which there will be, we hope, only tragedy and waste of time.

The topics from which we start are the Rally Italia Sardinia, the 1000Miglia, the CIR and the delicate work of the Federations…

Thanks a lot Lucio