Zenga, salaries? With the Cagliari clause of good sense

(X-Sports) – ROMA, 30 MAR – Walter Zenga judges as “secondary” the
the theme of cutting salaries as a result of the block
of the activity caused by the pandemic. “The real problem is
get out of this bad situation,” said the coach of the
Cagliari, host of ‘Radio anch’io sport’ (Rai Radio 1). A theme
that, however, the technician has told of having dealt with
well ahead of its times “on The 3rd of march, when I signed the
the contract with the president Giulini, we have included a
clause of common sense, who foresaw the possibility that
accessing what then is success”. Zenga has said it is optimistic
on the resumption of the championship: “At this time we need to
be, even if now it is difficult to imagine a when. From
sports I say that you could easily overspend more than the
the scheduled dates, without forgetting that the top priority is to
return to normal life, and that will be done gradually”.
“They are isolated in Sardinia from the 8th of march, a decision that I
taken for my account – he told Zenga – this is Also a
way to make a positive contribution. My family is in Dubai,
but I know that they are well, safe and then I look to the future with
great optimism”.
Coach Zenga has also dealt with the theme of preparation,
time to return to the field. “When and if we will
it will mean that the virus has been defeated. The preparation will be
completely different, will be made on players that are not
three weeks of vacation, but two months without training
specific, without friendly. We will play 12 games, the
Cagliari 13 why has the recovery with Verona, in a space of
very short time”. “I never thought I’d be able to go back in
field on may 3,” said Zenga, who has rejected the hypothesis
to bypass the next season to have the time
complete the tournament without compromising the work of the
The national: “If we have to play in the summer, and with little space in between
the league and the other, who cares about the holidays”. (X-Sports).