Autonomous guide: the many projects of Huawei

Even if our radar is gone, replaced by the crisis of the coronavirus, the autonomous guide remains the great challenge of the automotive world.

And not only that: the (potential) great cake are also interested in the marks of the areas contiguous to the one of mobility, starting from the giants of information technology and communication.

And’ the case of the chinese Huawei, that once the health emergency in the Country of the great Wall began to push hard in the field of experimentation of the autonomous guide, with the goal, also thanks to the dominant position in the field of technology 5G, competing with compatriot Baidu in the development of technology platforms for autonomous vehicles.

Also due to the necessity arising from the collapse of the demands of smartphones in the world to explore new areas of business, from time Huawei nods to the mobility sector: the Ascend 910, the processor-SoC, high-integration, seems made to fit in with the needs of the algorithms of the autonomous guide, while a specific unit is dedicated to car smart, to follow and develop projects resulting from collaborations already in place with Audi, Toyota and Groupe PSA.

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The challenge of autonomous guide sees several actors in the field: Waymo, Mobileye, Intel, Tesla and other automakers, but for Huawei, the first match will be a derby, dovendosela see with Baidu, the “Google of china“, which, thanks to a detailed mapping of the area applied to the potential of its system of autonomous guide Apollo, appears ready to conquer the whole Asia, in addition to have in the portfolio important collaborations, like the one with Ford.

For its part, Huawei has in-house several numerous patents on the autonomous guide and an enormous financial capacity, and who knows who instead of who could be on par thrashing in the country, the two companies decide to join forces and compete together with the rest of the world.

For all others, it would be pain.