Piedmont trying to reach the houses at the sea in Liguria: fined

Despite repeated appeals from representatives of the Government and of the governors of individual Regions to remain at home in order to contain the increase in cases of Coronavirus, in many of the show not having understood the lesson. The last case in order of time is reported by The Press: in the course of the weekend, dozens of piedmont are parties to achieve their houses on the ligurian Riviera. There are those who moved stealthily in the middle of the night, and even who is the party quietly at lunch time.

The reports are the games from the neighbors of the fugitives in that of Liguria, assured of arrivals in mass. Also the cameras on motorway, however, had detected a suspicious traffic to drive in the direction of the Riviera. Therefore have been established in the record time of the checkpoints at all exits from Savona to the French border, designed to stop the scoundrels attracted by the beautiful sunny days this weekend to move into their holiday homes.

To Ospedaletti, reports Printing, the bug is the game at midnight and a half. The Police went on site, and initially the defectors have not responded to the intercom. In view of the insistence of the Forces of law and Order, the scoundrels have had to give up, and have camped excuses to justify their presence on site. The Police have invited them to leave within half an hour, or, alternatively, to read a quarantine of two weeks without setting foot out of the house. Needless to say, the family has opted for the first option. Sanremo have been blocked three campers, all occupied by the over 65s. Yet another demonstration of how the exhortation to remain at home may not be understood by many.