The Deltone for a walk in the night of New York [VIDEO]

Description so short as superfluous; Magnus Walker has released a new video where a musical soundtrack, and the evocative alternate images of the internal and external of a vehicle. It is not the “usual” Porsche to his collection, but a rare Delta Integrale, the Deltone for enthusiasts, a car slightly modified from a friend and called a “Bastard”. Behold, this beautiful part of history on four wheels, is guided in the night new york, between the steps on the bridges and roads iconic, in the lights of the night, and in the usual traffic “modern”. The idea is as simple as it is capable of generating a strange feeling to anyone, and passionate about the industry, watch this video. It seems to go back in time, it seems like the best spot ever made to the Delta Integrale, and drive in the big apple for you to eat a Slice of pizza looks like something really outlaw with this car.

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