F1, Wolff remains in a Mercedes: “No change in the short term”

Toto Wolff will not move from Mercedes to short: in an interview to the austrian newspaper Österreich, Wolff explains: “they Are in the eighth year here, I love the sport and this team. However, I am surprised by the turn taken during the winter and by the behavior of some people. A lot depends, of course, my decision on what to do in 2020 and later, but I am and I will remain the person responsible for motorsport at Mercedes, and nothing will change in the short term”. According to what reported by Autosport, in the long term, Wolff could not attend all the races.

“What is my current situation? My participation in the Mercedes is solid, my contract expires at the end of 2020, and we are discussing seriously about what we want to do together”. The pandemic of COVID-19, however, is bringing different concerns to deal with, as a specific the same Wolff: “All of this, however, was overshadowed by the Coronavirus: we have bigger problems to solve, even at the human level, in our businesses”.

One of the most persistent in recent times about Wolff is that he sees the future CEO of Aston Martin. Wolff denies it categorically, by specifying also that “I shall Not do even a strategic investment in the business.” The rumors were born from good relationships with Lawrence Stroll, which from 20 April, will become officially the executive chairman of the house of Gaydon. “Stroll and his team are important customers of our team,” explains Wolff. Buy the motors, the gears and other components from Mercedes. In addition, Lawrence is a good friend of mine for years, regardless of our professional relationship”.