In the crisis for Covid19 the Reign (kingdom) of the Houses drive british as you care? Also with the money (57 Billion ) of the EU [video]

The drama socio economic as well as health, involving in 2020 the whole of Europe put forward, faced several legal problems. The Union is in crisis, and many would like to “do as the british” recently with the Brexit.

But, what they did for the now English? Though from the 31st January, the Brexit has become a reality, from a legal point of view we are still in a phase of transition, explains in the video Justin Frosini, associate professor of comparative public law at Bocconi. Many auto manufacturers such as Aston, Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lotus, McLaren, Mini, Rolls or Vauxhall , and the whole of the automotive sector the uk; operators of mobility the subjects of her majesty, in reality, they are still tied to many aspects of Europe 2020, more than you think those who cry out to imitate them, invidiandoli.

“Legally the Uk is still a member of the Union of all the effects, and it is submitted to the Court of justice of the european union and all the other rules – explains Frosini – the Commission has prepared a massive plan of assistance for british businesses which consist of direct grants, state guarantees on loans, public loans and export subsidies”.

Without creating controversy, before focusing on some of the ideas or assumptions and timing are inherent in Italy that will be, we need to be reminded.

Aid these, 57 billion euro, of which fruiting of many automobile companies, to fortune their. “And of british citizens – concludes Frosini – even of the same supporters of the exit from the EU”.