Industry the USA, the long wave of the crisis

The first were the Honda and Nissan, in the wake there is already a Tesla and the domino effect seems to insured: in the USA it is the game, unstoppable, closing in a series of production plants of motor vehicles, with dramatic reflections on the people.

Even if these are not layoffs as leave indefinitely without pay, the effect is devastating: they are almost 30,000 workers and executives left in the house by the closing of plants of Honda and Nissan, but the actual numbers are, unfortunately, very different and much higher.

That of 2020 is likely to become more severe than the 2008 crisis, to the point that the forecast of dismissal in the U.S. even graze the threshold of 50 million people, saw that in the last days, the grant applications have exceeded 10 million.

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The problem is with the coverage of care for those who lose a job in the USA is almost non-existent, compounded by the fact that the majority of the workers of the southern States – unlike what happens in traditional settlements such as Detroit, where Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford – is not even registered with the union and therefore deprived of any protection.

And we all know how the healthcare in the USA is ruthless: without private health insurance, or without a credit card with a large credit limit, there is no access to any care or assistance.

Maybe someone you are already regretting that you have not allowed the union UAW (United Automobile Workers) to get inside the factories of South America, in exchange for generous concessions of a fiscal nature: the automotive sector, with the closure of factories and dealers, is likely to pay an account salty.

At the moment, Honda has announced that it will hold closed factories in the USA until the beginning of may, ensuring the salary up to Easter, to 18.400 workers between Alabama, Indiana and Ohio; in Nissan, the dismissal of the temporary affects about 10,000 workers, while Tesla has put to rest employees not essential to San Francisco and New York and decided to take a salary cut, for the second quarter, with amounts to climb, starting from -30% for managers, rising to -20% for the amminiustrativi and closing with the -10% for the workers.