Lombardia, salt mobility. Anomalous data, to 23

Growing mobility in Lombardy, in spite of the limitations imposed to contain the infection by Coronavirus: the vice-president of the Region Lombardia, Fabrizio Sala, has released data relating to the first two days of this week’s mobility Monday declined to 38%, while on Tuesday has risen to 40%. This is an increase of 10% compared to the previous week. Hall explained that the data on the movements of the provincial will be carefully analyzed to understand where there is greater displacement and hence increase the controls by the Forces of law and Order.

Then there is an anomalous data: the move to the 23 hours are up. Hall reminds us that this is the time of shift change in hospitals, but the fact that the numbers are similar to those of 19 or 20 leaves some doubts. A detailed analysis of the provincial data may help to understand better the origin of this mobility, high at a time which is unusual. The processing will then be shared with the Prefects, so that they can take the necessary checks by the Forces of law and Order.