The Shelby GT500 you can buy in Europe here’s how much it costs

If the new Mustang is not exuding quite the american spirit from any “exhaust”, of course we refer to the version V8 460CV, in Europe, it is possible comprareanche the new Shelby GT500 from 760CV, directly via the official. In fact, Ford, on request, can also produce the car with European specifications, then distriburla in the old continent through Shelby Europe. In Italy, the exclusive group Saab, with a very (relatively) interesting: it starts from 110.000€ to 155.000€ for the version full optional.

Of course, the delta price compared to the purchase made on American soil is still high, in fact, the Shelby GT500, if purchased in the united states, it costs approximately 64,000€ at the exchange rate, but in addition to the costs of importing and logistics, there is also to consider the different taxation. In each case we speak of a version of the highly vitamin-enriched dell new Ford Mustang, with well – 760CV and 847Nm of torque provided by a V8 thanks to a supercharger and operated by a transmission Tremec dual-clutch seven-speed and the only rear-wheel drive. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 290Km/h, but the amount of power available it manages to pale in comparison to many european competitors altoprestazionali.