The crash at 313 km/h with the Lamborghini Huracan and the passengers are unharmed [VIDEO]

The fact is, success in September 2014 in Hungary: at the edge of a Lamborghini Huracan , the driver and the passenger, in a bravado, intent to reach the highest possible speed, have experienced firsthand the loss of control derived from the creation of situations which are not best suited to motorways, losing control of the middle of 313km/h and smashed first against the guard-rail and then overturning in the ditch adjacent to the stretch of motorway M7.

In the video you will understand very well the dynamics, in the first moments, the car reaches speed, the most high, alternating braking because of the traffic. At the last attempt, touched the 313km/h in a slight curve, the car jerks all over the place because of an unexpected disconnect of the asphalt. If the speed code nothing would have happened and the shock absorbers would have copied anyway, and the road surface, over 300km/h the car is off the floor and as soon as it touches the ground there is nothing more to do: side slip is not controllable, shock, violent and exit of the road. The value of the car is less in these conditions, but it’s amazing how the two occupants survived, before the remnants of the car took fire. The video was found on the mobile phone of the driver during the investigation by the police, who decided to share it to raise awareness among citizens about the obvious risks have been underestimated for these actions