F1 Ricciardo: “White would have had the same success Leclerc”

Daniel Ricciardo talks about the future broken Jules Bianchi: according to the australian, the pilot of the Marussia would have had the same success of Charles Leclerc if he had not disappeared at the age of 25 for the consequences of the serious accident which occurred in the GP of Japan 2014 Formula 1. In a post on their social channels, Ricciardo has shown five of his rivals the most underrated in F1: among these, also in White. “It’s not that Jules was undervalued,” explains Ricciardo – but we never got to see him in a car competitive, so perhaps many did not understand the potential that would have expressed”.

“Just think of his performance at the wheel of a Marussia in Monaco in 2014, the first points for the team. Monk is like Macao: there are no strokes of luck to get a result. It was absolutely deserved”. In 2014, a few months before the crash Suzuka, Bianchi managed to cross the finish line in the ninth position in the Principality, being noticed by the public at large, who did not know him well yet. On the other hand were well aware of his ability to the leaders of the Ferrari, with which he had entered in the Academy.

The incident of Suzuka has interrupted what would have been a climb to success, as noted by Ricciardo: “another aspect that makes it so sad this story is the fact that now would have been a top team and he would already have won races, this is no doubt”. “In some ways – it adds Ricciardo – I think Charles is doing now what Jules would have done. I think that Jules would have had the success he is having now, Charles, with a few years of delay”. To make it even more meaningful is the comparison between White and Leclerc is the relationship very strong that bound them: the White was the godfather of Leclerc.

The talent of White, reminiscent of Ricciardo, it was evident already when he was a kid: “To the age of the kart, Jules was the guy to beat”. “We met for practice from Formula Medicine in Viareggio and all, even though we had 17 years, treated as if it were already a Formula 1 driver. I had the opportunity to know him and we became friends, and I realized quickly who he was and what he had done before I arrived in Europe,” added Ricciardo. A potential, unfortunately, remained unexpressed to blame on that fateful October afternoon at Suzuka.