Marelli – Reached an agreement with the unions for the recovery of production

The Marelli has signed a framework agreement with all the trade unions (Fim, Uilm, Fismic, Uglm, Association Executives, and Fiom) to put in place the appropriate measures to guarantee the gradual recovery of production in Italy and safeguard the health of employees. The restart of the activities after the suspension decided as a result to the measures to contrast the spread of the coronavirus launched by the government, will now take place “on time and within the limits which will be defined by the authorities.

Reboot with the ok government. “Enable the maximum level of security possible to the indentation in the place of work for all our employees, – said Ermanno Ferrari, President of Marelli Europe – it was our primary goal and, thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the trade Unions at local and national level, we were able to define together the best possible solutions for the protection of workers and to distribute promptly, as soon as the government give the green light to the resumption of activities in Italy. The health and wellness of our employees is an absolute value for the company and are the necessary condition and indispensable to enable shooting of any operational and to guarantee the continuity of the service business and support of our customers.”

The measures agreed. The framework agreement includes a complex of measures should be to strengthen what has already put in place following the protocol signed by the government with the social partners. Before the reopening of the plant and offices will be carried out once the activity of the sanitizing of all the rooms, after which they will be extended cleaning cycles newspapers. It was also defined a procedure in access that provides for the measurement of the temperature of the entry for all employees and for authorized external users. All employees will be given at the beginning of each round, two surgical masks. In addition to the presence of the dispenser of liquid sanitizer or disinfectant will be made available to various tools for cleaning of work stations, such as for example specific products, gloves and, if necessary, goggles. Confirmed the initiatives of distancing social in all the common areas, while continue the use of telework. Were rearranged the shifts, and related services to corporate restaurants to reduce the flow of people, the spacing of the sessions and ensure the safe use of cutlery and condiments. Regarding the production activities, we continue to apply an organization’s processes modified to ensure the respect of safety distance between operators. If this is not possible, will be provided to the appropriate individual protection devices provided by the protocol the government. Through all channels of internal communication will continue to be broadcasted continuously information about the measures taken and the behaviour to limit the risks of spread of infection.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.