Coronavirus – Get the app Immune to Ferrari in the first line

The Ferrari is at the forefront of the activities against the spread of the coronavirus. According to what I learned from Quattroruote, the House of Maranello, we would not be limiting to the production of medical devices or the contribution to the Siar Engineering, but may also be involved in the testing of Immune, the app chosen by the government to handle Phase 2 of the emergency.

What is Immune. Yesterday evening, the extraordinary commissioner Domenico Arcuri has signed an order from which has emerged the choice of Either, of a total of 300 proposals, such as the application of “contact-tracing” to keep under control the spread of the virus. Created by the milan-based company Bending Spoons and one of the largest app developers in europe), in collaboration with the Medical Center, Santagostino (a network of clinics engaged in the digitization of processes in hospitals), and Kakala (a company specializing in the management and analysis of data), Immune was selected because is “the most appropriate restraint for his ability to contribute promptly to the action of contrast of the virus, compliance with the european model outlined by the Consortium PEPP-PT and for the guarantee for the respect of privacy”.

Experimentation. The Bending Spoons, “solely for the spirit of solidarity and, therefore, the sole purpose of providing a contribution, volunteer, and personal, useful for coping with emergency situations by Covid-19 in the act, has expressed its willingness to grant a license to use open, free and perpetual source code and all the application components, maintaining copyright and intellectual property, and it is called ” available “to complete the digital development that will be necessary to allow the commissioning of the national system of contact tracing digital”. The application will be then tested at the regional level and the first test should involve also the 4 thousand employees of the Ferrari between Maranello and Modena. The download should be offered only on a voluntary basis.

Tight-lipped. From Maranello are not confirmed on testing, but not disproved. Of the rest, the issue is extremely sensitive, especially to issues related to privacy and management of personal data. In this regard, the Eu Commission has published a document, in collaboration with european governments, to provide a series of rules for tracking systems that, in substance, shall give priority to the anonymity and exclude location-based services. And, in fact, Immune is based on the technology of bluetooth and not the Gps of the phones. It is not even clear if Immune is the app itself at the centre of the projects anti-coronavirus developed by Ferrari.

The details. The initiative of the House of Maranello, was launched a few days ago, in collaboration with a pool of virologists and experts and with the support of Regione Emilia Romagna, with the aim of protecting the safety of employees at the restart of productive activities. The plan provides for a first phase with the application of a package of measures of protection and a second time of screening of the labour force, their family members and staff of the suppliers, on a voluntary basis and with blood tests. The third phase is focused on the proposal of an app to provide medical support in the monitoring of the symptoms of the virus: in this respect, Ferrari has stated that the use of its employees only on a voluntary basis. In addition, the House will have access to data that is not individual, but only in aggregate form and limited to the possible contact between users, in the event that you experience an infection from Covid-19. This is not a system of geolocation, or tracking movements of the user, but only of the contacts he had, without defining the place where they occurred. For this reason, the app will be managed by an external company, and the entire project can be adapted to any standard that will be defined by the authorities.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.