Coronavirus – Phase 2 from may 4: free way to factories and construction sites

The government of Joseph Count start Phase 2 and loosen slightly the mesh of the restrictive measures taken to combat the emergency coronavirus. After meeting with the local authorities, where they were received with the directions of the task force, led by Vittorio Colao, the executive has prepared a decree that from may 4 to may expect some concessions on the front of trips (but not from Region to Region), and, especially, the reopening of the factories and shipyards, according to a calendar based on the utmost prudence. “In the coming months, we need to lay the groundwork for the resumption of the Country,” explained the Count, for which you will still need to “live with the virus,” respecting the safety distance of a meter, and by adopting, for the next few months, “all the individual protective equipment required.” Starting from the masks, to which, in general, prices are expected to “fair, fixed” and the elimination of the Vat, aiming to 0.50 euro for surgical devices.

Free way to construction sites and manufacturing. “This Country doesn’t start without the businesses,” said Conte. And Phase 2, in fact, provides for the recovery from the 4th of may of the whole of the manufacturing, construction, shipyards, and wholesale activities related to them. In general, companies will need to comply with all of the security protocols developed in the past few days the distances, the access quota, and the measurement of the body temperature. From may 4 will be permitted, the activities of restaurant with take-away, always without hookups, while 18 could have the all-clear, the shops, the museums and the libraries. On June 1, it will be the turn of the bars, the restaurants and the care of the person, such as hair stylists and barbers.

Movements, self-certifications, sports. From the 4th of may, and now up to 18, will still be forbidden to move from one Region to another, but you will be able to meet with their relatives (only with the masks) and fit “in every case” to the domicile or residence from places of work or study: in essence, anyone who is stuck or separated from the family at the snap of the lockdown, will go home. Remain banned the gatherings, both in public places and private. For the rest, the rules and regulations at present: therefore, they are allowed to travel only for business needs, the absolute urgency or reasons of health proven, to justify via self-certification. Those who have respiratory symptoms and more than 37.5 of fever should be confined. The containment measures, according to the Count, could be reapplied as soon as the epidemic curve returns back: in particular, will be monitored, the so-called index of R0 (i.e. the number of people that each infected can infect), which shall be not less than 1-against-average of 2-3 estimated in the case of pandemic coronavirus. “We will have to intervene promptly if the curve were to tap critical moments,” said the premier.More freedom will be granted in the context of sporting activities and mobility of the individual, no longer limited to the immediate vicinity of your home: it will be possible to do motion even with the children and the household.

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Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.