From may 4 to may free way to factories and car dealerships

DAY X – After the reopening of Monday, April 27, when they are back in some areas of the factories, most strategic, will be Monday, may 4, the “day X” for the car industry in Italy: will be able to share all the factories closed for the emergency sanitaira linked to the diffisione of the coronavirus, including those of the parties, in respect of the health regulations and for the distance social. Go-ahead to a crucial sector for the Italian economy, which according to studies, produces a turnover of about € 93 billion a year (equivalent to 5.6% of gdp) and gives employment to about 250,000 people.

IN SAFETY – With the Ministerial Decree of April 26, 2020, that gives the start to Phase 2, was granted the go-ahead also to the sector of “wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles”, which includes the concessionaires: ferme from 11 march, will reopen by the 4th of may. But always respecting the health rules, which provide for the minimum distance of 1 meter between the people and the use of templates.