Port spending to the girlfriend…but I don’t remember the name, and address. Stra fined in Rimini

Yesterday, may 1st, the Police of Rimini has sanctioned 10 people for violating the requirements envisaged by the DPCM. At the expense of, in particular, has been a citizen of the 27-year-old who was stopped in a car along the ss16 state road and to the demand for justification has claimed to be gone from girlfriend to deliver the expenditure. Girlfriend he knew neither the name nor, of course, the address.

Then, the situation has aggravated further when a further request for explanations, the driver has changed the explanation saying that in reality, he was gone from her sister to deliver the material, but also this time, without specifying the name or the address of the relative. To him was applied the penalty provided for false statement in addition to that for the non-respect of the regulations set by prime ministerial DECREE of last march.