Fiat tipo Restyling: leaked images of the interior

In the course of the year, despite the delays dictated by the health situation in the act, we will see appear on the market the restyling of the Fiat Tip, or a car that is so appreciated as a concrete and successful from the aesthetic point of view. In recent times, have been leaked some photos of the exterior where you can see the new logo on letters and small refinements optical LED (the last photo in the gallery), as are recent photos “stolen” of the interiorthat catch a glimpse of technological innovations, tasty and appreciated by consumers on a product in the price range of the Type.

In particular, we are talking about the new infotainment system UConnect 5 with display 10,25 inches (the same as the 500e), which “overturns” the dashboard and an instrument panel digital. Of course, the news does not stop here, with presentations on safety equipment, active and -perhaps – electrification light of the propellers. Probably the car will be presented in short, towards the end of the current month or during the next.