I would like to accompany you to work in the car? The answer is YES. Questions from PHASE 2

STAGE 2 evolves from day to day and from may 4 to may 2020 the novelties are numerous, not just for step 1 but also for some of the tricks that relate to certain rules enacted to make less stringent the jersey of the movements.

Among the various explanations of the FAQ-governmental organisations there is one that specifies how it is suggested to restrict the use of public transport, thus suggesting the use of the machine. However, there are specific cases in this regard because not all of them have the driver’s license or own a car, and then the answer to the question “can I accompany you to work?” is YES, but with these measures.

“In the event that you do not have a private means of or not having the driving license or not self-reliant is allowed to be accompanied by a relative or a person in charge of such transport from and to your home, even taking into account the need to limit as much as possible the use of public transportation and otherwise in compliance with the requirements for the use of private vehicles (see previous faq). In respect of these conditions, the movement of the guide is justified. It is understood that the justification of all journeys are allowed, as well as the condition of co-existence between the occupants of the vehicle, in case of any controls, may be provided in the form and mode of self-certification, where the agent of such request (the condition of cohabitation exempt from the observance of the distance).”