Kia Sorento, for her angles always less blind

NOW A CLASSIC – The monitoring of theblind spot (the area to the side and behind the mirror so that the driver can’t see) is one of those driver assistance systems, of which many cars have (it was introduced in the second half of the 2000s): through sensors, allows you to alert the driver with visual and audible signal if another vehicle is located in area that is not visible through the mirrors.

A STEP FORWARD – The Kia has taken a further step creating the Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM), going to improve the system, thanks to the installation of two cameras wide-angle high-resolution (hidden in the caps of the mirrors), that allow the driver to see what happens to the left and right of the vehicle (see video below).

You SEE IT IN the PICTURE – The Blind-spot view the Monitor of the Kia is triggered at the insertion of the direction indicator lamp and is very useful, for example, in lane changes, by projecting the images captured by the cameras directly on the screen of the instrument panel (the image of the blind spot briefly the place of the tachometer, while always showing the driver the speed). The technology-Blind-spot View Monitor is available on a new suv the Kia Sorento is coupled to the instrument panel digital Supervision, that can count on a high-definition display of 1920×720 pixels.