Nothing new incentives for the car, for now

FOR NOW, ZERO – No new incentives for the new cars: taking a look at the 258 articles in the draft decree-law Revival, expected to may, and so full-bodied to be described as decretone, there are no eco-bonus for those who buy a car. Everything can change, because this is only a draft; but if things remain so, the demands of the sector of the car would not be even in part taken into account (here to learn more).

EVEN CAR SHARING – In the draft of the decree, reference is made to the emergency epidemiological from Covid-19 and changes in mobility associated with the reduction of the capacity of public transport, necessary to ensure the distancing of the individual. It then speaks of the “increase modal for the trips made with private vehicles”. As a result, are planned for 2020 incentives for forms of sustainable mobility alternatives to the local public transport. In particular, residents of legal age in the metropolitan cities or in municipalities with a population in excess of 50,000 inhabitants, is recognized as a “good mobility”. Equal to 70% of the expenditure, and not exceeding 500 euro, used for the purchase of bicycles (pedelecs), as well as vehicles for personal mobility propulsion mainly supply: such as segway, hoverboard, scooter and monowheel. Incentives as well as mobility services, shared use of the individual, “excluding those by means of cars”. In short, the car had been ousted from everything, even from the mobility shared: the so-called car-sharing. Bike and the like, it provides for the allocation of additional 50 million euro for the year 2020 (more than those already in place): total, 120 million euros.

SUBSCRIPTION TO the BUS IF you SCRAP The CAR – For the years 2021 and the following, are established incentives for the local public transport and regional levels in the face of the scrappage of motor vehicles and motorcycles highly polluting. The voucher can also be used for the purchase of vehicles for personal mobility propulsion mainly electric (segway, hoverboard, scooter and monowheel).