Steps in the car to his wife With a nasty surprise: she carries the bird that is on him

Here’s a short video on the theme of cars of those curious. An episode that makes you smile but is is also dangerous, under a certain point of view.

A woman waits in the parking lot he gets his carer to pick her up, drive. In the meantime, a large bird the tampina to such a point that, when he had to climb in the car, you will find “behind the bird”.

Even the driver must exit the car alarmed, when the animal continues to harass the woman, and even she slips into the passenger compartment with you. Only after a few moments, flown away the insistent tampinatore the two will be able to take possession of the vehicle and leave.

L'uomo sblocca le portiere, per far salire la donna in auto, ma insieme a lei si infila dentro anche l'uccello che le stava addosso

The man unlocks the doors, to picking up the woman in the car, but she shoves it inside the bird, who was wearing