Elon Musk wants to reopen the factory in Fremont: “Ready to have me arrested”

Still trade the vitriol between Elon Musk and the County of Alameda, will allow many productive activities, including the establishment Tesla Fremontto resume activity only at the end of the month.

In a tweet Musk following the one in which he reportedly want to re-open despite the ban and has threatened to transfer its headquarters and factories in Texas or Nevada, the patron of the House, and specializing in the electric cars he said: “If someone is arrested, I ask that it is only I“.

The health officials of the county of Alameda, where the factory is located in Fremont, on Monday, they said they were aware of the fact that Tesla had opened over the so-called minimum steps allowed during the crash, and had notified the company that it could not operate without the approval of a plan shared with the county.

From its part, Tesla has filed an appeal in the court against the alleged abuse on the part of the county, which has imposed a “lockdown” for the productive activities longer than the one programmed by the state of California, a measure that does not conform to the constitution of the Golden State, according to the position of legal Tesla.

After the threat of Musk to leave California to transfer his business into a state more accommodating to the firms, are raining down invitations to be part of the personality in view of Texas, Georgia, Nevada, who have contacted Musk on Twitter encouraging him to move in their state. An official of Texas has officially invited to the ad for a visit.