The market – The unrae managing: “Disarming the carelessness of the government, need urgent measures”

Theunrae managing continues its pressing on the institutions with a new cry of alarm about the consequences of the pandemic of the coronavirus in the whole sector, automotive. The national association of foreign companies started in April to launch warnings about the effects of the crisis and now, after the first measures easing of the lockdown, go back and ask in a loud voice to the government, which will be launched on urgent measures to relaunch the single market.

The new collapse of the registrations. The appeal is based on a market performance which, figures at hand, not to depart even after the reopening of the dealerships. “After the disaster of a sudden in the month of march (-85%) and the one announced in April, with the reset (-98%) new car registrations in our Country, the month of may finds it hard to leave,” says the association is doing this as, on the basis of data of the first 12 days of the calendar, the orders are down 70% and registrations of 52%. “All other sectors of the automotive sector, adds to the unrae managing – live in conditions equally catastrophic, with no exceptions: commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, buses”.

Need urgent interventions. The association therefore calls for greater attention to the institutions and urgent measures to give new impetus to the question: “the reopening of The dealers, since last may 4, was not enough to regain share in a market in deep crisis. We are witnessing a very serious socio-economic situation for an entire industry that sustains more than 160 thousand families and is a key asset for the Italian GDP (over 10%). The inattention of the Government leaves unarmed. Urgent action must be taken to a recovery of demand, before it is too late”.

The other associations. The request of the unrae managing following of not even 24 hours for a similar instance presented jointly by Aci, by Anfia and by the trade unions of the metal Fim-Cisl, Uilm and Fiom, who have expressly asked by the launching of incentives for the scrapping, the purchase of cars with lower emissions, and the infrastructure for charging of electric cars. In particular, we have relied on the “adoption of measures that can combine environmental requirements and with commercial and industrial and the protection of workers in the supply chain, providing, among other interventions, the support to the market through incentives for the scrapping and purchase of cars and commercial vehicles and eco-compatible for the development of infrastructure”. Also Federauto, the Italian federation of the dealers, they turned to the institutions to ask not just an incentive program but also “a revision of the taxation on motor vehicles, to align it to the levels of other european Countries”. For the dealers, “it is time to understand that the automotive market can give a strong boost to the growth of the Country and a social cost lower determined by the lower closure of the companies involved in the supply chain.”

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.