Alfa Romeo – Giulia and the Stelvio four-leaf Clover MY2020: prices, features and availability

L’Alfa Romeo has opened orders for the new Giulia and the Stelvio four-leaf Clover Model Year 2020. The sports will be proposed, respectively, from 90.500 and 100.500 euros, compared to 175.000 € needed for the limited series of GTA and the 180.000 of the GTAm.

The news of the four-leaf Clover. The evolution of the versions four-leaf Clover is very limited in terms of style, with small details of finishing and the arrival of the rims, 21″ on the Stelvio, but are provided for new exterior colors custom uniforms in the iconic categories, Competition, Metal, Solid, and Oldtimer. The interiors were also updated with the same content as the other versions MY2020, reviewed the design of the central console and the software of the infotainment system, now also completed with exclusive Performance Pages. The engine is the well-known V6 2.9 twin turbo 510 HP and 600 Nm, while the automatic transmission eight-speed transmission has been updated to improve shift times. The traction is at the back of the Giulia and the integral Q4 on the Stelvio, also among the optional figure now the exhaust titanium Akropovic with valve active connected to the selector DNA Pro. Are available to the Adas Level 2 recently introduced on the versions 2020 of the other versions.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.