How will it change the car? Fast speaks with Roberto Giolito

EVOLUTION, NOT REVOLUTION – In the 121 years of history, Fiat has produced hundreds of car-road, and racing prototypes. The task to organize them and enhance them has been entrusted to Roberto Giolito (in the photo), from 2011 to 2015, as head of style for the brand from turin, who has talked about how to evolve the car with Fast, website dedicated to cars and motorcycles the most emotional (see video below). According to Giolito, the skill of the designer is to introduce new things, without “shock” to the user. This is also true in this particular historical moment in which the car will change to meet changing needs, but in a gradual way and without revolutions. Another challenge for designers and planners is to exploit the characteristics of the electric motor, which is more compact than thermal, so make the most imaginative in the look or provide more ease to its passengers.