Carlos Ghosn, arrested in the USA two people involved in the escape

After the identification of the officer and the four pilots of the Turkish airlines MNG Jet of some of the men who have made it possible to escape from Japan, Carlos Ghosn, continues hunting all over the world to the network, which has allowed the former number one Nissan to leave the country after allegations of several criminal offences related to its charge and professional.

Ghosn would be able to fly into Lebanon with the help of two americani: this is a former “Green Beret” and his son: they are Michael Taylor, 59 years old, and Peter Taylor, 27, on which in January, Japan has issued arrest warrants together with a third, George-Antoine Zayek.

Taylor senior would have been blocked yesterday from the police authority in the u.s. while she was preparing to fly the same day from Boston to Beirut, where he currently finds himself Ghosn, who also has passports from the lebanese.

Father and son must now wait for the result of the proceedings of the admissibility of the extradition of the federal court in Massachusetts for crimes that are assumed to have been committed in Japan, who asked not to be american citizens and subject them to the process.