Dacia: more “stylish” to celebrate 15 years

YOU MADE a GREAT – To celebrate the 15 years of presence on the european market, after the re-launch of the Renault (that the checks from 1999), the Dacia open orders, also in Italy of the special series 15th Anniversary, which is available for some of its models: the suv compact Duster, the utilitarian-style crossover Sandero Stepway, the mpv Lodgy , and the wagon , Logan MCV.

THE NEW – TO characterize the Dacia 15th Anniversary are a few customizations and external, that make it more satisfying to the body: among these, the wheels are 16” (17” for the Duster), the shells of the mirrors black, the threshold of access to chrome and the emblem of the 15th Anniversary, in addition to the unusual blue paint on the Iron. Inside there are fabrics ad hoc, and blue decorations for the speakers in the air, the carpets, the door handles, the dashboard, and the dashboard.

Facilities – The special series 15th Anniversary, in addition to having a more distinctive look, it also offers a complete standard equipment, because all models have the distance sensors rear and the parking camera, the “climate” automatic ” and multimedia system with touch screen 7”. In addition, the Duster 15th Anniversary has the system of access to the board without a key, and the monitoring of the blind spot in the mirrors.

PRICES – Dacia Sandero Stepway 15th Anniversary is on sale from 13.650 euros, while the Logan MCV’s 15th Anniversary party from 15,200 euro. For the Lodgy 15th Anniversary serve as 17.150 euro. The prices of the Dacia Duster 15th Anniversary are from 17.200 euros.