Decree raise – Turin, national research centre on the automotive

Born a pole of excellence for the automotive industry in Turin. In the folds of the so-called decree relaunch there ò is an article dedicated to “the Creation of a centre of excellence for research, innovation and technology transfer in the automotive sector in the area of crisis industrial complex in Turin.” The operation is part of the larger program of the “Green new deal” launched last year by the government and has the stated goal of “ promoting the processes of ecological transition, in the areas of sustainable mobility, public and private, and the competitiveness of the automotive industry”.

The government puts us 20 million. The government is putting on the plate, in 2020, 20 million euros for the construction of a research infrastructure of national interest”, called the “national Centre for research, innovation and technological transfer in the field of mobility and the automotive industry. In the objectives of the executive, the Centre will facilitate and organize activities of collaborative research between businesses and other research centres” in italy and europe, to carry out “teaching and training”, make “pilot lines for experimental demonstration of production techniques and the experimentation of new forms of mobility, including electric mobility, the autonomous guide and more applications of Artificial Intelligence to the field of mobility in general.”

By 16 September the implementing regulation. Within 120 days from the date of the publication of the so-called decree revival in the Official Gazette, namely before 16th of September, will be defined by the ministry of economic Development and the ministry of Economy and Finance, in consultation with the Minister of University and Research, a regulation that will specify the terms and the mode of presentation of the project, implementation of the intervention and implementation of the logistical infrastructure, the terms for the provision of financial resources and for the monitoring of the execution of the project.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.