Driver’s license to Cancel, the exams will not be in driving school

Turnabout of the ministry of Transport exams for driving licenses. After just three days of the announcement of the possibility of return to the procedures rightly overcome fifteen years ago in the name of rigor on the training of the drivers, now the ministry of piazza di Porta Pia and excludes the possibility that the theory exam will take place in the driving school on paper index cards. And also that the driving can be carried out with the only nominee to board the car in a protected area.

Sanitization and distancing. However, the critical issues that have led someone to consider the misguided assumptions. With regard to the theory exam, three orders of problems: first, the necessary distancing between the candidates, which must be guaranteed even in the computer classrooms of the civil motorization in which we conduct the theory exam and that will significantly reduce the maximum number of exams that are sustainable in the course of the day; in the second place, the need to sanitize every turn at the computer stations used, which will prolong the time between one session and the other; in the third place, the increase of the candidates will take the exam in the coming weeks after a two-month block of sessions because of the lockdown decided by the government at the beginning of march.

If necessary the examinations with paper index cards in other public offices. For this reason, the ministry of Transport has established that, where necessary, may be stipulated specific agreements with other public administrations for the use of adequate local. In this case,” reads in the “Guidelines for access to services, technical operations, and examinations licence” just issued by the ministry of Transport to all the peripheral offices of civil Motorization, “the theoretical examination will take place through the use of ballot papers generated by the information system of the Department”. Of course, even in the case where the examinations are to be supported in other locations and with paper procedures, “the rules of distancing, sanitizing of surfaces, premises and air-conditioning systems, as well as the rules of access to the classrooms and obligations of use of personal protective equipment and tools for hand sanitizing are the same as those taken at the offices of motorization”.

No to the only candidate on board, but all must wear masks and gloves. Also as far as the driving tests, is ruled out the possibility that the examination can take place with only one candidate to the board, as initially announced by the ministry of Transport. The test will take place as it is now, with the edge of the car, in addition to the candidate, the instructor is the examiner. All, however, must wear protective mask and disposable gloves, but the presence of three people at the same time should not last more than 15 minutes. At the end of the 15 minutes, you will have to proceed “to the complete replacement of the air and to sanitize the drive before continuing the test.”

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.