F1. Happy birthday Piero Ferrari the son of Enzo celebrates 75 years

Happy birthday mr Piero. Turns 75 years the son of the founder of the Home car has become a myth in the world. Mr. Piero, just as well, because the son of Enzo Ferrari, just that simple word, and imbued with respect: mr. Piero. The so called colleagues in the Ferrari, when even his son was not recognized for the great Commander, and has remained so even when at the beginning of the 90’s took it for a short time, the rudder of the team of F. 1. And still today, for all, just mr Piero. And lord, it is without a doubt to have the ways, the attitude and the simplicity with which it approaches to the outside world.

Carry a name as heavy as that Ferrari is not simple, as not have been simple early life. A child born out of wedlock, to the laws of the time, it was something to keep hidden. But also to exhibit with pride when the young Piero, growing, showcased his attitude, his manner friendly and polite, its simply Piero. A lamb in the midst of wolves. But a lamb that has been able to achieve the same wolves simply by being himself. Today, the company has nothing that to see with that of the beginning. In a recent interview said: “If I look back and see today what is the Ferrari, I can hardly recognize it. They are two completely different worlds and it’s amazing to make the next step. If my father saw it today, would be proud of for sure.”

Of course, but knowing the character of the father, it sure would have been complaining about some things and would not give anything for granted, as he did with the pilots of the F. 1 after a win. There was always a margin to improve, or not to miss something. The story of Piero Ferrari, in the end, it is all here: in the passion inherited from his father, a strict upbringing, with rules to respect, but above all people to be respected. And even today, that could very well do without, is always friendly, helpful, polite. And the passionate. His life is almost low profile. That is, crudely put, is one that does not if he pulls. Never. And when a fan asks for an autograph, almost surprised by so much notoriety. Piero has the good eyes, those typical of those who have suffered in silence and in the shadows, and found on him a huge burden. That was all in the name: Ferrari.

It is not easy to survive in certain environments. Useless examples and comparisons with other illustrious families and its descendants. Sure Piero Ferrari has followed the father, has the path to the various steps in the life of the company and of the memories. Has had some success in the american film the 24 hours of Le Mans, where Ferrari was in any way mocked, in the style of hollywood in which the USA are the good guys and all the other bad: “The film I have not seen it and I’m not going to see him – he told us – but I can say that with my father, a day in the workshop, he told me of the offer from Ford, he showed me the letter and we talked for a long time”. So many anecdotes, so many memories, some of which are enclosed in books written by double hands with journalists and friends.

A simple person, lovable, and affectionate, which everyone wants well, calling him simply Mr Piero

And many, still, hidden things, the secrets of certain negotiations, the salaries of some pilots, samples, gradient and much more. Now that takes 75 years, at the worst time in modern history has confided to me that she wanted to treat herself to a machine, but the production is at a standstill, and then if they insist on Christmas. Even if the most beautiful gift is that 10 percent of the company that the father strongly wanted him and who could pass hand to his nephew, Enzino, the heir of the family, and that the company is showing great technical skills and managerial skills. The problem is that it would not be a financial operation, because Piero Ferrari loves Ferrari, is a story of the ties of blood and passion, for the engines, for what was a simple industrial shed in the outskirts of Modena, for the challenges that every Sunday on the slopes around the world, with feast days and other of tragedy, represented in the life of this man. A simple person, lovable, and affectionate, which everyone wants well, calling him simply Mr Piero. Many good wishes, then. And thanks for that touch of humanity that still remains in this world where money and technology are the master.