Group FCA – The plant of Melfi is back to full operation

The assembly plant of the group FCA Melfi, in Basilicata, is back to full operation in compliance with the schedule release last week from the manufacturer the Italian-american trade union organizations. The production activities have resumed on a three-shift, and therefore, during the course of the day is expected to return to the work of the entire staff of more than 7 thousand employees.

To the time schedule. After the closing, prepared in mid-march as a result of measures of lockdown launched by the government to curb the infections by coronaviruses, the factory did not stop completely to allow the continuation of research and development activities related to testing and to the so-called pilotino. The gates have been reopened partially on the 27th of April with the lure of a first contingent of 750 workers in charge of emptying the production lines by about 600 cars still on the stalls and start the preparations for the start of production of the new models electrified. Once freed the line it is a party to the fitting of models of pre-series of new variants hybrid of the Jeep Renegade and the Compassthat are required for the tests, preparatory to the start of assembly of the specimens intended for marketing. Starting today, the lines will be back to churning out the models not only hybrid but also traditional, including the Fiat 500X.

No critical issues. So far they have not been found critical issues such as to raise concerns the respect of the security measures agreed upon on the 9th of April last, from material to social to arrive at the obligation of masks and individual protective equipment inside the stations and work environments. The resumption of full operations, however, had generated fears among the representatives of the workers and of the impact on public transport but for now there are not particular problems: “The first impression – he said to Ansa Marco Lomio, regional secretary of the Basilicata region for the Uilm – is that the public transport system is holding up, with the new rules on the clearance of passengers”. Of the rest a good part of the workers has reached the production site using their own means and, therefore, has been low turnout at bus stops and the use of public services.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.