Milan: maxi pedestrian area in the centre

Via the sites of the metro M4, space to an area with a strong vocation for the pedestrian: Milan launches the operation of reconstruction of the look of the central areas more viable and popular, with the creation of an area that includes the Duomo, corso Vittorio Emanuele and piazza San Babila, arrive in largo Augusto and, through piazza Santo Stefano, it joins with the pedestrian area of the State University.

If you might be confirmed all the plans of the project for the rearrangement of the areas today occupied by the shipyards of the M4, there will be a lot more space for pedestrians and bicycles (in times of post-pandemic, have become the vehicle most popular), with the spaces of the verses, and integrated connection to the public transportation (subways and vehicles to the surface) and to the taxi.

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It was Marco Granelli, councillor for Mobility and Public Services of the Municipality of Milan, to present the project: “The reorganization of the area, at the end of the construction of the new metro line is a great opportunity to give new coherence to the entire area of the Duomo-San Babila-largo Augusto and enhance the strong pedestrian revisiting the design of the 1996 Caccia Dominioni. To realize this project we will improve mobility in the city and give more liveability to one of the most central and well-known of Milan”.

The enlargement of the pedestrian area of piazza San Babila is used to connect the two sides of the square, and to extend the pedestrian area up to largo Toscanini, creating a path for pedestrians along the course of Europe which, through a Ztl area will be made accessible only to public transport, taxis and to the means of loading/unloading, supplementing it with a new cycle track.
For the course Europe has provided a unique sense of driving between Burgundy street and the parking of largo Lane of the Servants and between via Cavallotti and largo Bersaglieri; for via Borgogna it is assumed that the maneuver of return to the only taxis and private vehicles, while for largo Augusto, the proposal is to close to traffic the roads in the side, ensuring the vehicles of the continuity of the route via Cesare Battisti – via Cavallotti – corso Europa – via Larga, while also keeping the left turn from largo Bersaglieri via Verziere.

For the reorganization of the area, the projects include a new flooring in cubes of granite laid on a largo Toscanini, corso Europa, and largo Bersaglieri, Orchard, and largo Augusto, as well as the detail in monochrome to bring out the monuments, fountains and new green areas.

For largo Toscanini it is assumed a pavement surface with new trees and access to the only public transport service and taxis, while the stretch from largo Bersaglieri at largo Augusto will be installed, new trees in the style of umbrellas round the old market.