Resume examinations for the driving license

A LONG TIME – due TO emergency medical care, expanded the timeframe for the achievement of driving licenses driving: if in the phase of lockdown, the theory lessons were online only, and those in practice impossible to carry out, by may 20, the driving schools are back to full operation, and can accommodate students, always in the respect of sanitary norms against the spread of the virus.

HERE are a couple of The pandemic and the measures to tackle the problem have led to the suspension of the exams of theory and practice, held at the offices of Civil Motorization. The free way is taken from the 20th of may, but the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has laid down strict guidelines to ensure the performance in the best safety conditions.

For the examination of the theory, that takes place within classrooms, the following is foreseen:

  • To limit the filling of the spaces: each person must have at least 4 square feet, so an area of 2 meters by 2;
  • Install, where possible, screens, plexiglass on 3 sides of the location of the examination (if this is the case, the space per person is reduced to 3 square metres);
  • Wash monitors, desks, screens, handles and bathrooms after each examination session;
  • To differentiate the paths of the input and output, not only from the classroom but also from the building;
  • To offset, in buildings with more classrooms, the examination, the time of the beginning of the test, in order to avoid mass gatherings outside;
  • To perform the exam in the same classroom to the candidates in the same driving school, in order to contain the possible spread of the virus;
  • To expand the time windows for the conduct of examinations;
  • To publish the results of the examination, in digital format;

For the examination of the practice, where it is more difficult to maintain the minimum distance of 1 meter between persons, the rules vary depending on the type of the vehicle:

  • Licence, for quadricycles: considered to be not the presence on board of the candidate, it is sufficient to use gloves and mask for the examiner and the instructor;
  • Driving licence Bfor cars and vans: on-board must be present in the candidate, the examiner and a guide (or instructor), so it is compulsory to use a mask and gloves. Every 15 minutes, you must proceed to the replacement of the air in the passenger compartment and the disinfection of the same;
  • C licence, for vans and trucks: if the cab has 2 rows of seats, apply the same rules for the license B. If the cab has a single row of seats, the examiner must follow, aboard a vehicle provided by the driving school or its property, the vehicle driven by the applicant and on board with the instructor. Through walkie talkies, the examiner tells the candidate the operations to be performed;
  • D licensefor the bus: the candidate, the instructor and the examiner must wear a mask and gloves, given the large size of the passenger compartment.