The electric car could be fit to the 13% of motorists

TRIPS MONITORED – A study by Move, the laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano in charge of the mobility analysis, highlighted the 13% of motorists it would be advisable to make the transition to theelectric car. The study has examined more than 100 million trips of private vehicles, which were monitored for 12 months, stressing that the convenience of the car battery in a specific way when the user has the possibility of having a charging point home (it can be installed or in the garage or in the appliances of condominiums), which is used to make “full” in the night hours.

A FEW LONG-distance TRIPS – On the front ofautonomy, the element that is often pointed out as a limiting factor for the diffusion of the cars battery, it emerged that about half of the private vehicles during the course of the year, does not carry out almost never travel long, over 300 km, which is the average distance of an electric. Of these motorists, about 20% could buy an electric car, without changing their habits of navigation and over eight years to balance the costs of purchase (taking into consideration the stamp duty free, the state incentives, the cost of energy and insurance).