Volvo, maximum speed lowered to 180 km/h

The maximum speed of the new cars home Volvo has been reduced to 180 km/h: this is a measure that is part of the plan, Vision 2020, designed to reduce to zero the fatal accidents that involve cars of the Swedish company. This choice, in contrast to many other manufacturers, which in the course of time have gradually increased the maximum speed of their cars to reach 250 km/h.

The commitment of Volvo in the security of their cars has ancient roots: in 1959, in fact, the Swedish company introduced the series on their own models, the safety belt three points, developed by engineer Nils Bohlin. Today, Volvo continues to work to safeguard their customers. Volvo is convinced that the only ADAS are not sufficient to prevent fatal accidents in case you exceed a certain speed, hence the decision to limit it to 180 km/h.

The speed of the new models of Volvo can be further lowered thanks to the Care Key, through which the car owner can change the limit. A useful tool, for example, to make sure that their children do not exceed a certain speed. “We believe that a car manufacturer has the duty to contribute to improve traffic safety”, explains Malin Ekholm, head of the Centre for the Safety of Volvo Cars.

“Our technology, the speed limiting, like in the debate that he has stimulated, it fits in perfectly in this line of thought. The limitation of the maximum speed and Care Key to help people to reflect, and to realize that speeding is dangerous, while providing greater peace of mind to the people driving and promoting a better behaviour by motorists”.