Bosch Sensortech – We are seeking specialists for the Design Center of Milan

The Milan offices of Bosch Sensortec, where it is operating, the Design Center is dedicated to the development of the sensors, is in search of new professional figures. The seat is active from 2015, and works in collaboration with the subsidiary of Sunnyvale, California, and with that of Singapore, it occupies a large part of many applications in the automotive and new products in the theme of guidance.

Experts of electronics and micromechanics. The company has initiated a plan of insertion of the professional figures in the areas of design, electronics and micromechanics. In particular, there are open positions for ASIC, analog and digital designers, and MEMS designers, experts of MEMS sensors and test engineers. Applicants can contact us via the LinkedIn page of Bosch Italy, or through the section Work with Us on site Bosch Italy.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.