Brand Purpose for the post-Covid, Ferrari has and wins: the other manufacturers… [not so much]

Today we don’t talk about technical details in the most beautiful “drops” to drive, we devote two lines to the marketing of the company. Important more than you think between the normal fans of engines, especially with the outbreak of the pandemic. We do this by taking some innovative ideas on the face of the academic, from the marketing departments of university and listening to the words of Jane Reeve, Chief Communications Officer Ferrari. All in key ventiventi, or firms that need to work with the many difficulties of the world in the post-Covid.

The automotive dear to us is by the many parties given as dying. If all goes well in the crisis, if it goes badly in the knee ready to relax or, with incentives from the governments, to get up, but slowly, looking for new perspectives. This is the element which is little known to the less business men: brand purpose: marketing with a “purpose” on the brand to share with our customers and users. The one that is not scratched, but strengthened, by the pandemic. In the world of cars easy to find examples where it is absent. Companies that last just a little, or change much, with only the logos of origin. Ferrari no, Ferrari has been a positive example even in these months difficult. Both at the level of activities in the establishments, for the management of the health of its people, both in the facts, to the outside. The facts that there are only sentences to spend on social, or in a press release.

La nuova Ferrari Roma, un'auto da sogno

The new Ferrari Rome, a dream car

Brand Purpose: what is

The dimension of ethics has become over the years part of it in some way due and well performed, by the big car companies premium. Some of them can already be said to be socially responsible by time and with more concrete actions to put in place. These Houses, drive top, including German , but also some asian, have tried in various ways to invest in order to be an ethical and social value, as well as a technical of the cars. Turning to the responsibility and sustainability. It is not only about making new electric cars, indeed, but to preserve the well-being of the consumer and the collective interest. The new millennium and all these things made it rain new marketing tools in many sectors, including the automotive industry. Unfortunately, the world of mobility and engines, is the one that has differentiated clashing internally, and politically, in the ecological aspect.

The importance of the so-called brand purpose in the offices of marketing and communication is in any case the climb. A concept which can be summarized as “the goal that each brand proposes to pursue, on a social level”. It’s not all hot air external to our beloved cars, if you count various statements to the financial community’s “heavy,” which many companies have today, more and more need to live worthily and not to fail. A certain Larry Flink, head of the largest investment companies in the world, invites TO the needy of resources and brilliant results on the stock exchange to enhance, that unbreakable bond that links purpose and profit (Purpose & Profit). When he says who is funding, it is obvious that in many of the damage then do, but for this we cite the case of Ferrari, the reference high and is similar to a few rivals in the premium. A run-up are exaggerated, and exhibited to the purpose of the social is even counter-productive, according to various research. Consumers can easily think that certain activities random are made only to increase sales and profits. With the economic resources scarce for an industry in crisis, but the comments social on the contrary, always abundant, it is even risky for a company to “go beyond” in the declarations and in social activities, today.

Il lavoro in Ferrari

The work in a Ferrari

Brand Purpose: how much does the brand evolved

An extended concept and too much to the economist, the brand purpose, excuse me if the port on these pages, but it is clear in the substance: to today, the Ferrari brand is perceived so positively in the world pre-Covid. Indeed, even strengthened in the values transmitted, especially to those who, fortunately, have contact with the company. The same is true for other brands of car? Not really. Most of the Houses if you are made to feel is putting their logos to the difficulty of production and finance. To debate the political, environmental issues or, at best, for the gestures of support in a health crisis. Of course someone has done a lot of commendable, converting lines, and donating resources, but it is not as constant as it is the Red in this face directly with users and customers. Constant also in the wayin which certain things you decide to do them.

A manner for which the mark is perceived always as close and even, in certain moments, even if the car is reassuring. Is obvious that it is also the value of the products and customers “in the Red” that allow them to do a similar level to Ferrari. However, it is not automatic, to produce expensive cars, and keep up the common purpose perceived, with customers and users all over the world. Other Houses are many beautiful activities, they are often useful as the social ones. Yet users do not associate a value strong and positive for them, as is the case for Ferrari. Some customers of car wonderful, would soon a change trademark.

Il riavvio post-emergenza Covid19 delle produzioni Ferrari

Restart post-emergency Covid19 production Ferrari

Carmaker friend credible

Because an account is the lawthe king, or to feel that a brand is “good” at the corporate level, and maybe even social, but the perception of its own? What is concrete to its customers, such and such a House? The purpose is in short to give a real impact to our customers through products and services, and personal messages; not only communications in general are perceived in a random way. Now you will be more felt because of the social barriers in the post-Covid rise. You weigh more certain core values and certain brands would do well to take care of them, to maintain a good value just received. Strengthening the link with customers, for real and not only discounting the car remained in stock, to search for new ones.

Economists in recent months have defined the brand’s purpose, an “engine of development” that frees up resources sometimes blocked by other aspects. Nothing is easy, we say that we know the auto industry with its flaws, but net of the financial difficulties, if you remove some constraint in the companies, it may do good. Because the brand purpose finally is to match the identity of the consumer with the brand identity, which are more typical of luxury, this should be said. A brand that becomes the inspiration, and for someone of a unique relationship, for the better of life in difficult times. Those where also the overcrowding of messages creates an annoying background noise, which can better close to the brand and its messages. Even the car manufacturers so they can take steps to feel involved but also motivated and confident, customers, and stakeholders various (employees or stakeholders).

Il ventilatore polmonare concepito in Ferrari

The pulmonary ventilation designed in Ferrari

Red successful in the marketing (not discounted)

How many carmaker have adequate, well-configured and perceptible to its customers today, a Brand’s Purpose? Hard to say, certainly not all, given that it is an instrument demanding, to keep. One for sure is a Ferrari. Once again this company was born small and the racing, from only the passion of Enzo Ferrari and the then-revitalised “worthily” by Fiat and FCA, is in pole position on a global scale.

The brand evolved the story and the car baked today are not all. Already like you is the Maranello factory, however, in to better manage their employees in security, working for Phase1 and Phase2, we understand how “forward” in a Ferrari. Jane Reeve for about a year working at the top of the communication of Maranello, after following the new logic of interactive communication for various companies of the luxury. In the past, has been for long at the head of a well-known agency, passing also by the Chamber of Fashion of Italy, before joining Ferrari. That “stuff” for a student of marketing, like so many of bocconi-guys, who follow his words to the SDA. Even if you do not love the engines, to work for the brand, the more dreamed of the world must be the maximum.

Besides, Ferrari is among the companies you dream to work regardless of the function. “I am lucky to have this opportunity to work – pressed Jane Reeve – here it is not only the car, but the excellence with which it comes in contact”.

If we see it from the side of marketing, in fact, it should be noted that from the time here are not only talking about engines or sport, but a luxury brand. Mark, unlike the other colossi, or groups, locations, because Ferrari is the international perception, but territorial in the DNA, 100% fixed at Maranello. This first element is already part of the purpose. In these months the House, between the difficulties of the Covid-19, and even has strengthened the link with the territory, unlike many other companies in automotive industry.

The recent situation has allowed us to discover that even in the event of a pandemic, which puts half the world upside down, in a Ferrari, do not change the key elements. “It’s like a person, that has certain characteristics of its own, same thing for the Ferrari brand. No hysteria or a change in the way in the put on on the outside. It is always the same brand, even if situations change”.

However changes in the car, we machine, we also see under the cowl, there will be also for the Red. “The impact that he has today, the climate is always more important. We are always in motion and evolve to that, but we never change the identity”. Instead, what happens for other manufacturers, that there is much less pure in its goals and in the same ranges.

La F1 guarda sempre oltre e ricerca il meglio. In casa Ferrari lo stesso approccio serve anche per altro che non si vede in pista

The F1 is always watching over and search the best. Home Ferrari the same approach also serves to another that is not seen on the track

CORONAVIRUS. The disaster has touched and changed everyone, even the Ferrari. “It was a new try for us, ” explains Reeve citing of examples, with the conversion of the product – others made you feel like for donations, with figures also high, while Ferrari still had not said anything and we waited for”.

The reason it was there. “Because what we do is part of how we are made, really. The Ferrari is born for the passion of driving and the maximum technology of the rides we put it on production cars. Same thing for the sanitary valves: we didn’t have any mold but we used our 3D technology, a know-how Ferrari used to another. Ditto last week, only after a period of collaboration together with the institute of Technology in Genoa, we have created a new fan lung”.

It is a product that is innovative, fast, and easy to use, even if the hope is that it often serves this F15. “In five weeks we have created a new product. This is consistent to our world, have the technology and making it available”.

Also the return to work, was made in accordance with the method of Ferrari, offering immediately before you speak commonly the serological tests for employees and family members. Even then for all the community of Maranello. “We have anticipated some needs, if you see now what happens in the world. This is also in the logic of Ferrari. Us in January, we have figured out the problem and when the manager came back from China, went to the doctor. We advance a month, as behaviour to the protection of health. Ferrari is accustomed to do so, to move forward on the things that are to develop news and see beyond the present.

Jane Reeve, Chief Communications Officer Ferrari

Jane Reeve, Chief Communications Officer Ferrari

PURPOSE. The Ferrari is not only the products for his men, but a large element of the membership. “Could be defined as crazy if compared to other companies”.

The examples are not missed from the first moments of the pandemic come close to Maranello. While Italy was in the drama of the explosion of the epidemic, the only western Country almost, a customer abroad, he wanted to do something for the House, says Reeve. Because “Ferrari gave me so much – said the customer – who want to contribute to the difficulties of the company and of the Italian community”.

It was the principle of an action that is more great for the ferrari fans. “We have extended to a variety of customers and we have doubled the individual offers as a company, reaching 2.8 million euros”.

Someone put a really, a single customer of the Red has donated half a million. How many other customers, while being able to economically, they would do so by marrying a car company that they love and which they love to identify with.. Especially, which and how many brands come to similar relationships with people, without exception?

The restart of the production Ferrari was seen as the first car to exit from the lines after the lockdown, a Monza, with the first customer is more than thrilled. “We wrote a letter, moved also by the video that showed his car of dreams. A symbol of the resumption of Ferrari from the joy and excitement not only to him as a customer, but to share with us and others.”

Phrases really intense, that moved even the staff of Maranello. “Are those things that can not be pre-packaged, they come because they are real”.

The Ferrari has distinguished itself in a positive, as it was the economic aspect towards its stakeholders, inside and outside the company. “We have decided to continue to pay everyone in the same way, suppliers and employees, even if they were at home, without work. The most incredible thing is that, spontaneously, all the employees in the second week of lockdown, they sent a video of thanks, to the Council. Saying that they were grateful and proud to be in a Ferrari in these moments”.

Another aspect is not just that of people at work, which is treated by the company in each phase of boom or crisis. “When they give us the sense of belonging, it is a sign that we are doing very good together.”

While for the people outside, the customers and fans of the Ferrari, today as much as you can be in contact knowing the latent confinement health care? “A brand must also know how to listen, know how to move the people. Today, the ratio of digital is increasingly important. We have always aimed for events and meetings, but also to extend the dialogue into other forms. Just stay alive the contact between the Ferrari and the people: we listen and talk credibly with them.”

Devote similar energies to the channels of active communication, with the concrete constants besides the pure dissemination of messages to the outside world, is not trivial in the company. Can clash with costs, and even frictions of some functional areas, but it is not the case with Ferrari. For any manager today to marry in full the purpose investendoci may even be a risk, to be put off focusing on other practical aspects of the immediate, of the companies. “Not in a Ferrari, internally we are without divisions, so as to have a strong brand purpose always, we remain very cohesive“.


Le valvole per respiratori by Ferrari

Valves for breathing by Ferrari