F1, doubts about the United States Grand Prix

While working hard in the drafting of the european part of the modified schedule of the season 2020 of Formula 1, there are doubts about the Grand Prix of the United States. According to Dr. Mark Escott, chief medical officer of the city of Austin, it will be very difficult that mass events may be approved before the end of the year. “The big events were the first to be banned, and will be the last to be restored, because of the risk linked to the exposure of many people between them, in particular if they come from the same home,” explained Escott to the Austin-Statesman.

“We’re working on a plan to understand what may be reasonable, but, looking up at the end of December, now we have no clues that make us think that we will be able to mitigate the risk in a sufficient manner to accommodate large-scale events, in particular in the case involving more than 2,500 people,” says Escott. You cannot, however, exclude, grant Escott, that the situation related to pandemic COVID-19 can improve enough to allow for the smooth conduct of mass events before the end of 2020.

There is also another problem not to be underestimated: the participation fee to the F1 calendar, the Circuit of the Americas is paid from a special fund of the State of Texas, provided that the race ports revenue related to the participation of the spectators. Even if the health authorities were to give the nihil obstat to a race behind closed doors, then, it would be very difficult for an option of this kind can go in the port. The vertices of F1 have decided to go to the european circuit for the costs of participation in the world, but it is difficult that this is so even for the races outside europe, more expensive in terms of logistics.