F1, the quarantine is likely to block the GP in Silverstone, and not only

Bad news from the meeting of the team took place via conference call yesterday. The decision on the run or not at Silverstone was blocked by the English law that required all citizens who fall within the United Kingdom a quarantine period of two weeks. In such a context it is unthinkable to go to Silverstone to compete in the two races originally planned in the draft of the provisional calendar. In this perspective, gaining altitude, and the alternative Hockenheim, as he had already supposed, but even here there are doubts, very strong. Because if it is true that you miss Silverstone, it is also true that the personnel of the team is English as well as those of the TV production.

Indeed, in this framework they arrive information is glaring on the future of the F. 1. To limit the influx of people at the track (the GP would be courses behind closed doors, no press allowed) would be reduced to a minimum the presence of the operators and all of the footage, the managing director and the cameras, it would be a home to the ports of London. Already at the test in Barcelona was experienced in the direction of the remote, with small cameras robot in place of the cameramen humans, the idea was to use it from next year in the GP extra-european countries, in order to decrease the travel expenses, and people on the go. But the crisis has made to accelerate the times and by the 400 men present, one speaks of a minimum between 50 and 100 at most, but, being all English, the quarantine would apply to them.

You are assuming a series of interchangeable team. What is feasible for the TV, but more difficult for teams, given that some of the figures are essential and have a double training (one on the track, the other in quarantine) raises the big doubts for some realities such as Williams or Racing Point. The way Red Bull would have thought to transfer to the Faenza Alpha Tauri part of their staff in order to circumvent the problems of quarantine imposed by the british government. Meanwhile, Austin arrives bad news, since the local government has in fact stalled all of the events with the public and within the period of limitations would also be the GP of f, 1 in Texas.

For the validity of the world championship in just 8 top-notch races the FIA, while the contracts with the TV include a minimum of 15 races otherwise triggered repayment of the fees paid by the television. But with the current scenarios, making predictions is quite difficult, so we focus on the 5 July, the GP of Austria, the question of local government that, at the moment still has closed borders with Italy except for documented problems of work, subject to the usual quarantine…